We would like to thank everyone for how amazing CampSass was. Despite a couple of hitches (we're looking at you, AV) the day went off better than we could have ever hoped.

The speakers were engaging and covered a wide range of topics – everything from the nature of art to how your browser paints pixels.

The attendees were enthusiastic and came up with a number of insightful and interesting questions.

The sponsors and helpers were amazing and helped us organize throughout not only the day, but the weeks and months leading up to CampSass.

One of the most heart-warming things that we came away with was the sense of community within Sass. The respect given from and to everyone was wonderful, and gives us great optimism about the future.

Hopefully, it inspired everyone who attended to do great things – whether that be in helping document an open-source project or put together a local meetup.

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– Hampton and Michael

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