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A single track allows you to get all the information you can from the conference.

Great speakers

Our outstanding speakers are pre-eminent in the Sass and design communities.


CampSass is a single day conference, so won't take a huge chunk of your time.

Camp Sass is a conference in downtown San Francisco for front end developers, CSS ninjas, UX mavens, and Sasstronauts where you come to learn the latest Sass news, meet other Sasstronauts, and find out about how to make your teams more effective.

Plus, it's a chance to get drunk with Hampton at the afterparty! A must-do if you love Sass.

Check out our promo video, too.


Check out the schedule here.

Host: Hampton Catlin

Hampton is the creator of Sass. He also thinks he's pretty funny. He wrote this in the third person. He's the CTO of Moovweb and also the creator of Haml, Tritium, and Wikipedia Mobile.

Keynote: Chris Eppstein

Chris is the creator of Compass, and is a Sass Core Team Member and Chief Instigator. Chris Eppstein is an open source hacker at LinkedIn, and probably the nicest person you'll ever meet. Seriously. So freaking nice.

Claudina Sarahe

Claudina is a front-end developer at Oddbird and Radical. She's also one of the organizers of SassConf and is one of those people that everyone wishes they could be friends with. She's that cool.

Smith Schwartz

Smith started her career in the world of musuem experience design in Chicago. Then she got bit by the front-end bug and now travels the world, freelancing and building awesome stuff. She gives fantastic advice and is currently being sucked into the technical vortex called San Francisco.

Aaron Leung

Aaron is the maintainer of LibSass, the C++ implementation of Sass. He'll be talking about upcoming features in this implementation. In his spare time he is learning Norwegian.

Divya Manian

Divya is the goddess of new CSS features and a product manager at Adobe. She is also known for HTML5 Please, HTML5 Boilerplate, w3 Fools, and Move the Web Forward.

Dale Sande

Dale is a UX designer who started the first ever Sass Meetup in Seattle. A true Sass evangelist, he also runs the SassCast podcast and created SassMeister.

Eric M. Suzanne

Eric is an artist and experience designer who created the exemplary Sass library Susy. He is a partner at Oddbird and regularly contributes to Compass.

Elyse Holladay

Elyse is a teacher, speaker and front-end developer at MakerSquare. She's passionate about Sass and designing in the browser. She has a gif ready for any occasion, so be prepared for a gif-tastic presentation.

Cliff Seal

Cliff is a Senior UX Architect at Pardot, co-founded MusicGrid, develops for Wordpress, and does countless other things. He's eager to talk about the balance between best practices with what users want.

Joe Lencioni

Joe is a web developer and designer who works at Causes. Along with Henric Trotzig, he will be presenting a cool new open-source project to help manage stylesheet changes.


In San Francisco! Oh wait, you wanted more detail than that? Unfortunately, we couldn't find a camp within walking distance to SOMA, so instead the marvelous people at Code for America have graciously allowed us to use their offices to host CampSass.


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