Hampton Catlin

Opening Remarks

Hampton will introduce the conference.


Micah Godbolt

Visual Regression Testing with PhantomCSS

Getting into component based design? Rocking out a little Pattern Lab? Do you have the best looking style guides? Take things to the next level with a little Visual Regression Testing!

With PhantomCSS you'll be able to write test files right next to your Sass component partials. These tests will ensure that the appearance and interactions of your components are consistent from build to build.

No more being surprised that your country selector has been broken on mobile devices for the past 4 builds! With PhantomCSS you'll have a suite of tests to run after every build that will ensure your site is looking and functioning exactly like it should!

Come learn about the tools, the process and the things I've learned running PhantomCSS on a large, distributed style system for




Mina Markham

Finding Your Sassy Tribe

People often ask me why I chose Sass over other CSS preprocessors. My answer has always been the same: the community.

Community is a term that gets tossed around a lot, but at its core, it's about people. I'll talk about how I came to love Sass, and in the process, became a part of something much larger than myself. Along the way, we'll define what a tribe is, and how you can start to find yours.

Finding your tribe changes everything.




Ian Carrico

Don't Use Sass

Sass has been around for a long time, and over the past few years adoption has been widespread. The experiment has been done, the results are in: Sass is over. The world of pre-processors has come to an end, and the issues that arise from using them far outweighs any benefits.

@extend creates crazy code, completely unpredictable. Vendor prefixes should be done in post-processors. @mixins just write out too much code. Probably worst of all, Ruby-sass is slow— while LibSass is not feature complete.

It is time to jump ship, it is time to return to vanilla CSS.


Bermon Painter

Improve your Workflow with Modular Sass

There are a number of methodologies floating around that help improve how we write and maintain our CSS: SMACSS, BEM, or Object-Oriented CSS. In this session you’ll get a better understanding of Sass and modular based design principles and how we can use them to create flexible, modular and responsive CSS.

In this session we’ll:

  • contrast SMACSS, OOCSS, & BEM concepts
  • discuss practical information about how to structure your Sass
  • look at a handful of modular examples
  • wield the power of Sass to it’s fullest and love it
  • not be dogmatic about preferred methodologies ‘cause we really just want to enjoy writing Sass




Una Kravets

Open Source Design: A Love Story

When designers and developers work together from the start, it produces better outcomes. But how can we make the open source community more inclusive and welcoming to new ideas and workflows?

This talk focuses on the barriers to designers and actions we can take today to build a more intellectually diverse and collaborative community.




Jina Bolton

Living Design Systems

Product design and development can cover a range of devices and platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, responsive web applications and web sites, desktop apps, and web-based prototypes… and if you work in a very large organization, you may have a range of products and features to add several variations or themes within each of these areas.

In order to stay productive and effective across teams, platforms, and devices, systemic design and development is imperative. UI Libraries and Style Guides are a great step towards keeping everything aligned. But how can this style guide be a maintainable, useful resource rather than a distraction?

Learn from a product designer's perspective from past and current projects ranging from small teams to large enterprise teams — how she and her teams have strived to maintain a "single source of truth" for a truly living spec through a living style guide and prototype — all of which can improve your product design and development lifecycle.



At Polygon

We'll have a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for you to enjoy at the end of a rewarding Sassy day!